Scientific Studies Involving Chicken Houses

According to the March 18th, 1999 of the Western Producer: 

*Research at he University of Saskatchewan has found that chicken barns where ozone generators were used airborne bacteria levels dropped 44%. 

*Poultry barns where ozone generators were used have resulted in negative salmonella test. 

*In layer barns ammonia levels dropped 60%, and there was an increase in production of 40 cents per bird. 

*Ozone works so well to destroy bacteria because it breaks down the cell wall. 

*Bacteria CAN'T develope a resistance to ozone, according to this study.

According to the OZONE JOURNAL dated August 29th, 2014:

*When ozone generators are used in poultry houses the total bacteria decreased from over 100 ppm to less than 2 ppm. The decrease of total bacteria shows the effectiveness of ozone as a sanitizer while the increase in the average weight and percentage of alive shows that ozone also makes the chickens healther over all(Earth Safe Ozone).

According recent examples of ozone generation in chicken houses, it has produced more than 80% less in chicken deaths. 

Studies in South Africa by Eco-Logical Technology states that:

*It has been proven that ozone is a highly effective oxidant, which kills bacteria on surface and in the air.

*Ozone is more effective than other air disinfecting systems such as chemical fogging and UV light. 

*Test on E. Coli, L. Pneuniophila, Stapharaeus, MRSA, Shigella Sp and Salmonella Arizonae shows that ozone gas is a highly anti-bacterial agent with more than 90% kill rates after 40 minutes, 99.9% kill rate after 60 minutes, and 100% kill rate after 2 hours. 


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